Sarah and David’s Engagement in Downtown Harrisburg

Sarah and David’s Engagement in Downtown Harrisburg

Sarah and David have an incredible story that is right out of a romance novel! Writing is not my forte, so I’m going to let Sarah tell you more about why they chose downtown Harrisburg as a walk down memory lane for their engagement photos…

David and Sarah met while bartending in downtown Harrisburg in 2010. They would venture out on Sunday evenings and became friends over $2 you-call-its. A casual conversation made them roommates – one night when David was picking up a paycheck he told Sarah that he had been searching for an apartment (Sarah knew he was searching in the bad part of town). Sarah offered for him to move into the spare bedroom in her apartment while he continued to look for an apartment and David moved in the next weekend. While it was intended to be temporary, David and Sarah were roommates for almost two years. Sarah eventually moved out of the apartment, closer to a new job. They remained close friends – meeting downtown frequently with mutual friends.

While out with friends one night in 2013, Sarah and David saw each other in a different light. They had a “why haven’t we tried dating each other” conversation and the next night went on their first date. Within two months they were roommates again – as a couple – and adopted their puppy Hines shortly after moving in together.

David and Sarah are incredibly blessed to have grown to know each other first as friends – The foundation for their relationship being built from laughter and genuine care for one another.

They should totally sell their story to a romance novelist or screenwriter! I would be first in line to see that movie!