Kristine and Paul met in college and liked each other immediately but forgot to exchange numbers. Paul was talking to his friend about how mad he was at himself for not getting her number when he got a direct message on Twitter from Kristine with her digits. That's the first love story I've heard that involved Twitter so I guess they were... twitterpated? (I can't turn off the cheese, I'm sorry! ?)

Christina and Dan chose The Hotel Hershey for their engagements and WOW! It feels like a tiny piece of Tuscany right in Central PA. The formal gardens and fountains are so gorgeous, it was a dream to shoot there! I photographed Dan’s brother’s wedding last year so when his fiancée Christina reached out to me I was both excited to work with them and hang out with their awesome family again! I guess Dan got a kick out of working with me last year when I almost got the groomsmen run over by a car because there was pretty light in the Gettysburg Hotel parking lot. ? Woops!

Dana and Robbie have their love of ballroom dance and their time at Penn State to thank for introducing each other to the love of their lives! I get to photograph the most unique and talented couples! They can go from giggling and laughing with each other to a super sexy ballroom pose in an instant. It was so easy and fun to follow these two around Talleyrand Park and capture their natural grace. 

Mairead and Brennan met while taking an Irish language class at Notre Dame. That sounds like the perfect meet-cute for a romance novel if you ask me! They said they hadn't taken any photos together other than cellphone photos in their four-year relationship so I was happy to oblige! They absolutely nailed it! And Mairead is SO incredibly knowledgeable about the architecture and goings on in downtown Harrisburg. It was fascinating to get a tour of buildings I never took the time to truly appreciate.