Dana and Robbie have their love of ballroom dance and their time at Penn State to thank for introducing each other to the love of their lives! I get to photograph the most unique and talented couples! They can go from giggling and laughing with each other to a super sexy ballroom pose in an instant. It was so easy and fun to follow these two around Talleyrand Park and capture their natural grace. 

Mairead and Brennan met while taking an Irish language class at Notre Dame. That sounds like the perfect meet-cute for a romance novel if you ask me! They said they hadn't taken any photos together other than cellphone photos in their four-year relationship so I was happy to oblige! They absolutely nailed it! And Mairead is SO incredibly knowledgeable about the architecture and goings on in downtown Harrisburg. It was fascinating to get a tour of buildings I never took the time to truly appreciate. 

Christina and Felix started dating the same year as my husband and I so I felt like it was serendipitous that we ended up working together! When they showed up, I totally freaked out at how AMAZING they looked! I love when couples go glam in a natural setting. The juxtaposition is SO lovely! And Wildwood Park in Harrisburg ended up being the perfect location for a session! The light was PERFECT! 

Sam and Bill are a match made in Pittsburgh heaven. Their love of black and gold knows no bounds. They were very grateful to finish the photoshoot before the Pens game started. ;-) I've known Sam since she was 9 years old so I'm definitely going to need tissues at her wedding. Oh and she surprised me with champagne and a card asking me to be her bridesmaid at the shoot and I CAN'T WAIT!!!