Christina and Felix started dating the same year as my husband and I so I felt like it was serendipitous that we ended up working together! When they showed up, I totally freaked out at how AMAZING they looked! I love when couples go glam in a natural setting. The juxtaposition is SO lovely! And Wildwood Park in Harrisburg ended up being the perfect location for a session! The light was PERFECT! 

Sam and Bill are a match made in Pittsburgh heaven. Their love of black and gold knows no bounds. They were very grateful to finish the photoshoot before the Pens game started. ;-) I've known Sam since she was 9 years old so I'm definitely going to need tissues at her wedding. Oh and she surprised me with champagne and a card asking me to be her bridesmaid at the shoot and I CAN'T WAIT!!! 

The first time I met Molly and Jeff, she had just run a half marathon that morning in Philly. Being the weirdo that I am, I insisted that she eat protein while we chatted about their wedding. :-) I liked them both instantly and tried to stop myself from asking them to be my besties on day one.

I knew from our first meeting that Rebecca and Scott were my kind of people. Rebecca is super organized and efficient while also being so laid back and chill. And Scott loves superheroes and gives a good blue steel look so I knew their wedding day would be so much fun!

Spring has sprung in Gettysburg! Matt and Kristi are my kind of people. They kept me laughing the whole time and are so chill about everything. They're SO good together. I'm honored to be photographing their wedding at the Lincoln Railroad and the Visitor Center in Gettysburg. I absolutely love working with their staff and the location is so cool for this history nerd!

Crystina and Zach are cuddle champions. We had a blast taking advantage of the last bits of snow for a whimsical country engagement shoot at Duke Farm. The huge tree they're standing under in a few of the photos is where their ceremony will be this summer and I can't wait! It's going to be SO gorgeous!