The first words out of my mouth after Sarah and David told me their story was "That's right out of a romance novel and I am HERE FOR IT." These two love each other fiercely and beautifully and man am I lucky to have witnessed it.

Sarah and David have an incredible story that is right out of a romance novel! Writing is not my forte, so I'm going to let Sarah tell you more about why they chose downtown Harrisburg as a walk down memory lane for their engagement photos...

Meeting Alyssa was like talking to a friend you've known for years. She's a blast to talk to and we have a ton of things in common! We're both cat moms and huge Harry Potter nerds - yesss! I had an amazing afternoon going around with her and Chris to all of the gorgeous spots at the Capitol building. They looked like total royalty with our Capitol escort and me following them around with a big camera. I loved Chris's bold blue suit and Alyssa's gorgeous black dress (with pockets - heck yes!). Total Will and Kate vibes. Can't wait for their wedding at the Capitol this fall!


I've stalked Hillary Muelleck's work for a few years, so when I heard that my friend Matt Stambaugh was friends with her, I may have fangirled a bit. He was kind enough to get us in touch with each other and we ended up meeting for lunch which turned into an amazing three hour gab sesh. She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, guys. Love her to bits! Thankfully my girl crush didn't scare her off and she asked me to second shoot with her at Kaitlyn and Andrew's wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey. It was a gorgeous brisk fall day and I couldn't ask for a friendlier or more photogenic bridal party!