I've stalked Hillary Muelleck's work for a few years, so when I heard that my friend Matt Stambaugh was friends with her, I may have fangirled a bit. He was kind enough to get us in touch with each other and we ended up meeting for lunch which turned into an amazing three hour gab sesh. She's just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, guys. Love her to bits! Thankfully my girl crush didn't scare her off and she asked me to second shoot with her at Kaitlyn and Andrew's wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey. It was a gorgeous brisk fall day and I couldn't ask for a friendlier or more photogenic bridal party!

Picture this - it’s July of 1998 (yes, really) and I’m being dragged along with my friends on a youth group trip to an amusement park in Ohio. Awkward 12-year-old me is wearing a t-shirt with a scan of the Titanic VHS cover that I ironed on myself and a red bandana to hold back my greasy hair. SO CUTE right? So I’m half awake because we had had a sleepover the night before and I shuffle over to the parking lot to join the prayer circle before we’re all given our assigned vans for the three hour trip to Cedar Point.


I guess Matt Stambaugh didn't mind hanging out with me at weddings because he asked me to second shoot with him for two more weddings last year! I was super excited to work with him at The Booking House for Megan and Matt's wedding, which is one of my favorite local venues! And my goodness Megan and Matt are such a DREAMY couple! Like right off the cover of a magazine. Enjoy my favs from their big day below!