In honor of the one year anniversary of the incredible Caroline Logan Workshop, I wanted to share a few photos from the gorgeous styled shoot we had at Excelsior in Lancaster! I learned SO much and made so many amazing friends! And we got to eat muffins, Chipotle, and Olive Garden so I was in my happy place. :-)

Lauren and Tyler finished their brand new beautiful home literally days before their big day. That’s a big enough feat in itself when also planning a wedding, but their new home and barn would also be their venue! I have no idea how they managed to pull that off but it worked perfectly!

Stacy and Seth are one of those rare couples who share so many common interests, they are practically flip sides of the same coin. We've been friends for years (shoutout to FriendGroup™!) so when I heard he proposed and she said yes, I pretty much demanded to be their photographer. I may or may not have annoyed Stacy and Seth with endless wedding questions and ideas, but sorry not sorry guys! Weddings are kind of my thing, if you can't tell. ;-)

Dana and Robbie met at a salsa dance night in State College where they danced and had a great time, but parted ways that night. Fate had other ideas. Six months later, they reconnected at a dance workshop and formed a beautiful friendship. That friendship grew to a lasting and loving partnership that has withstood many of life’s greatest tests and has come out stronger for it.

Christina and Felix have been together for 18 years, which happens to be as long as I’ve been with my husband. Watching their ceremony in front of their nearest and dearest friends and family tugged at my heartstrings because it made me so grateful for all the happy years Mike and I have had together.

Crystina and Zach have the kind of love you find in novels and movies. Their passion and devotion to each other were evident immediately at their engagement session last spring. They’re an absolute joy to photograph!