Cameron Estate Inn Wedding | Mount Joy, PA | Lauren + Sam

Every single vendor was obsessed with Lauren and Sam. They are the sweetest, funniest, most down to earth humans and they made everyone’s jobs an absolute joy the whole day! And hello – they look like the cover of a romance novel.

Sam and I first caught eyes in Algebra II our sophomore year of high school. So nerdy (yet fitting), right? First, here’s some background on the story. I had just returned to Red Lion after trying out cyber school for a year. During that year away, God blessed me with what some may call a ‘glo-up’, and quite honestly, I looked nothing like eighth grade Lauren (THANK GOODNESS). So although we went to junior high together, he just figured I was the “new girl” in school. Now, lets get back to the story. After being sick and missing a math quiz, I came to make it up during his class period. There were a few empty seats in the room, but fate had it that I sat in the empty seat right behind him. Okay, okay you caught me. Maybe I just sat there because I thought he was super cute, but that’s not important. 🙂 Before I could even finish writing my name on the paper, he turned around and offered me all the quiz answers since, you know, “He got a 100%.” Wow, he’s cute and smart?! Sophomore Lauren was freaking out. Don’t you worry, I didn’t take the answers (although I should have lol), but when he kept trying to talk to me, I raised my hand and asked to go sit in the hallway because his talking and cuteness was just too much distraction for my fragile attention span. I didn’t really think anything of the encounter until I met up with my friend, who was in his math class, later that day. She told me how Sam asked who I was and said I was “really cute.” I appreciated the compliment, especially coming from a football player (that’s every girl’s dream right?!), but I just figured he said that about everyone and went on with my day not thinking much of it.

Venue: Cameron Estate Inn
Photographer: Lindsey Ford Photography
Videographer: Bodnar Film Co
Florist: Rosemary and Rust LLC
Makeup Artist: Shades of Blush Studio
Hairstylist: Fearfully&Wonderfully139
Bridal Dress Shop: Simone’s Unlimited
Bridal Dress Designer: Morilee by Madeline Gardner
Cake Bakery: Farmhouse Cakes
DJ: Bring On The Bash
Invitations: Zola