Cameron Estate Inn Wedding | Mount Joy, PA | Lauren + Sam

Cameron Estate Inn Wedding | Mount Joy, PA | Lauren + Sam

Every single vendor was obsessed with Lauren and Sam. They are the sweetest, funniest, most down to earth humans and they made everyone’s jobs an absolute joy the whole day at their Cameron Estate Inn wedding! And hello – they look like the cover of a romance novel and they’re high school sweethearts. Cue the swooning, am I right?

Their engagement story is freaking adorable. As Lauren tells it…

“I feel like I need to preface this story haha. Sam is such a planner and because of that, I thought I knew exactly when he was going to propose, which secretly made me kinda sad, but I didn’t care because I was so dang excited to be his fiancee. So, when we (his parents and I) went up to see him at school for his birthday and took a ferry over to Block Island, RI, I never expected we were going so he could propose. He was acting all weird the entire morning and I’m pretty sure I asked, “Do you still like me?” like four times (haha), but I NEVER thought it was because he was going to propose and was nervous. When we made it to the island, he was rushing us to go to these cliffs and I was so irritated because I wanted to eat first (#priorities lol), but I sucked it up and went along. When the 4 of us made it to the cliffs, Sam asked his mom (who was in on it) to take a picture of us standing near the edge. I was so excited HE wanted a picture for once, so you know I was all about it. But, when we went out there these kids were in the way of our picture and we walked back without a picture. A few minutes later he asked for us to go out there and take a picture again and I totally had an attitude about it (because I was hangry), but he was so persistent, so I went out there with him. We took a few pictures and he told me to lead the way back and once I started walking he said, “Hey Lauren, look at this,” (or something like that- I think I blacked out) and I turned around to see him on one knee, with my dream ring! I was so surprised and of course said “YES!!” I cried for like 2 hours straight after that. Turns out, he had been planning it for three months, with the help of Google Earth, and he came up with the idea all on his own- I had no idea he had it in him. He was so sweet too because he made sure I brought a cute outfit for this trip because he remembered me saying once, when I was probably 16, that he needed to make sure I looked cute when he did it. WHATTA DREAM.” 

Thank you to their amazing vendor team!

Venue: Cameron Estate Inn
Photographer: Lindsey Ford Photography
Videographer: Bodnar Film Co.
Florist: Rosemary and Rust
Makeup Artist: Shades of Blush Studio
Hairstylist: Fearfully and Wonderfully 139
Bridal Dress Shop: Simones Unlimited
Bridal Dress Designer: Morilee
Cake Bakery: Farmhouse Cakes
DJ: Bring on the Bash
Invitations: Zola