How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

If you google “wedding photographer” right now, over 52 million hits show up. Needless to say, there are plenty to choose from! So how do you know who to pick?

Do you like their work?

This seems obvious, but every photographer has a very unique style and way of shooting,¬†processing, and posing. If someone catches your eye, take the time to browse through their portfolio before reaching out to see if they’re available. Sometimes you might fall in love with one particular image from a photographer that might not give you a full sense of their work. Notice the way they pose couples. If those don’t appeal to you or don’t feel true to you as a couple, it won’t be as fun or rewarding for you when you get your photos back. As photographers, our number one priority is to make you both so happy and in love with your photos!!

Do you like them as a person?

Your wedding photographer will literally be a few feet or even inches from you for 8+ hours on the biggest day of your life. You have to like them and feel comfortable in their presence! Sometimes when family or friends are getting overwhelming or a wedding day stressor pops up, we’re the only neutral party there who has seen it all! Not only will we capture your beauty and love for everyone, but sometimes we secretly love playing bestie/therapist to help save the day!

Are you hoping for posing help and guidance or do you want more of a wallflower documentary style photographer?

Everyone LOVES a flattering, genuine candid shot of themselves or with their main squeeze! And sometimes that’ll happen naturally out of the blue, but most of the time photographers will gently guide their couple or subject into a pose that they know will flatter them and use their energy and prompts to bring out the genuine emotion. Photographers also have to be mindful of the light and background and choose poses that’ll keep the light in the most flattering position.

What style are you drawn to the most?

Each photographer has an editing style whether it be bright and airy (like yours truly!), dark and editorial, colorful and dramatic, or natural with minimal editing. Take the time to scroll through different photographers on instagram or the Knot and find one with a style that you absolutely LOVE!

Do they offer albums?

I know sharing the photos on Facebook is the fun part but your wedding photos should be a family legacy as well! Finding a photographer that offers fine art albums for you and your parents will guarantee your wedding day will be relived over and over again for generations to come!

If you asked yourself all of those questions and thought I’d be a good fit, send me a message here and I’d love to chat more about your wedding!