To have a First Look or See Each Other at the Ceremony?

To have a first look or to see each other at the ceremony? It’s one of the biggest decisions a couple has to make for their wedding day timeline. A lot of couples ask what I prefer and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

I love both equally. You do you.

But if you’re having trouble deciding, I made a handy little pros and cons list that might help you out.



  • Since it’s just the two of you without an audience, you might be more likely to let those tears flow
  • Your photos are done ahead of time – more time to party!
  • You spend more time with your honey on your wedding day
  • You get to mix and mingle at cocktail hour or take a private break in between


  • You usually have to get ready a smidge earlier
  • Your family and friends don’t have a front row seat to the first time you see each other (buuuut they will when you get your gallery back!)

Seasonal Tip:
If you’re getting married when the sunset is before 6 pm, I highly recommend choosing a First Look in case your ceremony runs long so we aren’t forced to take your photos at night. I love a good night photo or two, but for that glowy happy light, daylight is your friend.



  • It’s a classic and will make more traditional families happy
  • Portrait time might be a bit shorter, but it’ll be closer to that pretty light at golden hour
  • You get to spend the morning and afternoon with your wedding party getting pumped up


  • Because there’s typically only one hour between the ceremony and reception, we have to get family photos, wedding party, and your portraits done in that time. It’s definitely doable, but to reduce stress on everyone, I highly recommend extending your cocktail hour by 15 minutes. (no one will notice, I promise!)
  • You miss out on your custom drinks and hors d’oeuvres at cocktail hour

Seasonal Tip:
If you’re getting married in the early summer when sunset is past 8 pm, choosing an aisle reveal with an extra 15 minutes during cocktail hour for portrait time might work in your favor because your portraits will be closer to golden hour.