House Updates

If you follow me on Instagram or know me in real life, you’ll know that I can’t resist making updates to our home in the winter slow season. This year we went a bit nuts and made a lot of the updates we said we were going to do… five years ago. 🙂 Between December and February, we repainted the entire first floor, got all new light fixtures, updated my home office, got a FARM SINK (YASSSS), painted the banister, got new “wood” laminate floors, put in a subway tile backsplash, updated all of our hardware in the kitchen and powder room, installed a shiplap wall in the living room and made general updates to our decor. (Thank you Target, HomeGoods, and The Olde Factory in Hummelstown!) I finally got around to photographing our progress of course with cameos from our cats. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m loving it!

And speaking of house stuff, has anyone tried the KonMari decluttering method? I’m a total convert and so is my husband, who is normally pretty reluctant to follow my harebrained schemes. We weren’t hoarders by any stretch, but guys – we had to rent a 15 foot uhaul to remove the trash and donations from our house! It was a nutty process but OMG cleaning and putting things away is SO much easier now! Do yourself a favor and read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I’m a total evangelist. 🙂 The basic premise is that you only keep things in your house that bring you joy (or obviously have a purpose like Tupperware or toilet paper). You start with your clothes and work your way through the rest of the categories of stuff until you’re down to papers and sentimental items. It really makes you appreciate everything in your house, even your socks. It sounds bananas, but I loved it!

BEFORE (circa 2013)


Remy says hello!

I can’t even explain how much I love this sink.

Yes, I was listening to One Direction and my plant is obviously dying.

Rather than having a big bulky cat tower like we used to, we ordered these awesome shelves from Catastrophic Creations and the cats LOVE them! Especially Ruby who has claimed the top shelf for herself because she’s the Queen. And that banister used to be an ugly orange wood. Thank you General Finishes Milk Paint.

Why yes, we did frame photos of the cats that we literally look at everyday. Sorry to our human family!

And yes, that is a first edition of the Joy of Sex, aka the best and funniest coffee table book that our parent’s generation probably learned way too much from. (yikes)

Radar sunbathing on his little perch

Love this room so much! I pretty much live there now.

Mom, what do you mean I can’t sit on the client meeting couch?

I LOVE that Deathly Hallows lamp so much! Thanks Mike for actually finding a piece of Harry Potter merchandise that I didn’t actually own yet.

Found that awesome piece of old barn wood at the Olde Factory in Hummelstown to hang my new Kelly Moore purse/camera bag!

Yes, we worship cats in this house.

New fancy ’70s inspired light!

Just call me Midas, I have a huge thing for gold at the moment. The art in this bathroom was inspired by my husband’s dream to retire in a house on the water.

I found that hilarious cat painting at the Olde Factory for $10. So perfect for our three fluffy weirdos!