Lauren and Tyler’s Backyard Wedding

Lauren and Tyler finished their brand new beautiful home literally days before their big day. That’s a big enough feat in itself when also planning a wedding, but their new home and barn would also be their venue! I have no idea how they managed to pull that off but it worked perfectly!

When Lauren’s mom finished the final button on her dress and she turned to face her bridesmaids, I don’t think anyone could breathe. She looked STUNNING in her gorgeous Morilee wedding gown! I could not get over the amazing detail on the back and the gorgeous lace train!

I don’t think Tyler was truly prepared for how incredible Lauren looked as a bride. When he turned to see her on their brand new wraparound porch, no one could stop the tears.

Their home sits on top of a mountain so the view during their backyard ceremony was like a painting. Lauren and Tyler, don’t be surprised if people start asking you to turn your home into a wedding venue. It was perfect! During their ceremony, to celebrate the start of their marriage and their new home, they joined a lock and key together in their hands. Well if that’s not the perfect romantic gesture, I don’t know what is.

How amazing is it that Lauren and Tyler will always have memories of their wedding day intertwined with the home they’ll likely pass down to future generations? Their whole bridal party on their incredible wraparound porch, Lauren and Tyler nuzzled together on the porch with their land in the background, their family and friends partying it up in their new barn. Speaking of the barn, what a perfect reception space! The lighting and decor were perfect and the dance floor photos looked fantastic!

Lauren and Tyler, you truly impressed everyone with every beautiful detail and how much work must have gone into preparing your home for your wedding day. And not only that, but how chill and happy you both were all day and how much your love truly shined through. Congratulations Lauren and Tyler! I am truly honored to have captured the beginning of your marriage and your new home together!

Hairstylist and Salon: Megan Maurer, Best Kept Secret Salon

Makeup artist and Salon: Makeup by Cait

Bridal Dress Designer: Morilee
Bridesmaid’s Dress Designer: David’s Bridal

Menswear Designer: Tony’s Custom Tailor Shop

Caterer: Ards Farm Market

Pie: Tudor House Pies

Event Planner/DJ/Photobooth: An Elegant Production