Meredith Manor Wedding | Pottstown, PA | Jenna + Josh

Jenna and Josh’s wedding day was full of love, sunshine, and a bunch of unexpected and wonderful surprises for me! Jenna knew her florist wouldn’t be dropping off her flowers until we got to the church, so when I arrived at the airbnb where she was getting ready, there was a bouquet of gorgeous flowers she bought that morning for me to play with. How freaking nice is that? And they were really interesting flowers that made for a unique sandbox to play in. Thank you Jenna!

And then when I arrived at the church, my second photographer Juliana and I screamed like teenagers because it was an all white gorgeous old chapel from the early 1800’s. It was such a dreamy place to get married!

I didn’t think anything could top that but when we got to Meredith Manor for their reception, I spotted this incredible spot of wildflowers in a sunbeam and practically dragged them down for photos. Could not have asked for a prettier day with nicer humans!


Josh and I met at my work Christmas party in 2015 at the Valley Forge Casino. I was immediately struck by his good looks when he walked in and he apparently really liked my butt? Lol! A while later, we talked for a bit & found out we had some common acquaintances and were drawn towards each other, but he was with one of my co-workers for the evening and I had just sworn off men, so we left it at that. The following week, he found me on the Book of Faces and sent me a message. We messaged back and forth and set a couple dates, but I was pretty set on swearing off men for a while.

About 7 months later and not having seen him since the Christmas party, he asked me to go to the beach with him and his friends for the weekend. I said no way to that because I didn't really even know him! But that didn't stop him 🙂 A couple weeks later, I got another text asking to be his date for a friends wedding. I felt some way about playing such a great game of hard-to-get, so I told him I'd think about it. A week goes by and one night, I was sitting home alone watching Love at First Sight...I know, corny...and sort of had an epiphany. If I didn't go, I could have been missing out on someone that I'd been waiting my whole life for. Going to a wedding where I knew absolutely no one was totally out of my element, but I texted him that night and said I'd be his date. And that was the first date that would lead to thousands of other dates for the rest of our lives :)!



Venue: Meredith Manor
Photographer: Lindsey Ford Photography
Hair and makeup: Blown Away Dry Bar & Salon
Dress Shop: Davids Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Groomsmen Attire: Mens Wearhouse
Florist: B & E Wedding Florals
Bakery: Bakers of Buffington
DJ: Musical Expressions – Chet Light