My Favorite Central PA Photoshoot Locations

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is “Where should we have our photoshoot?” I always encourage my clients to choose somewhere that feels like you and to think outside the box a bit. Maybe your gorgeous venue or you have a friend, family member, or coworker that has access to a beautiful farm or property that you wouldn’t have thought of initially. But, if you want to know my favorites in the Lancaster and Harrisburg area that are free, not super busy, and close by – check out my list below!

Lancaster County Park

If you want a very natural setting with lots of grass and trees, Lancaster County Park is perfect! It’s never crowded and you can’t beat the sunsets!

Founders Hall – Milton Hershey School

This is one of my favorite locations! It has white marble, grassy fields, a pond, a gorgeous bridge, rocks, paths, you name it!

White Cliffs of Conoy

This is easily the most unique natural setting I’ve found in Central PA. It looks like you’re on the moon! The natural white stone makes for a gorgeous backdrop and the sun sets at the perfect spot over the river. The only drawback is it’s about a 25 minute walk to get there, but as you can see – so worth it!

Wildwood Park

Wildwood is another unique location that really stands out in this area. It looks like the Florida everglades and has lots of beautiful wood paths, a bridge, and a cool concrete underpass for a little variety!

Fort Hunter

Fort Hunter is another location with soooo many cool things! It overlooks the river and has a mansion, barn, covered bridge, grassy fields and an epic sunset over the Susquehanna.

Long’s Park

This is another unique park in Lancaster County. Its main feature is a big pond with a walking path bordering it. It has a cute white gazebo, bridges, willow trees, and a healthy amount of ducks. 🙂

Harrisburg Capitol Building

The Capitol is a stunning portrait location! It acts as a giant light reflector with all the light gray stone. If you’re into clean, bright images and architecture, this location is for you!

Franklin and Marshall College

I’ve only shot here a few times, but it’s worked out well each time! It’s a quiet, pretty campus with lots of paths, trees, and courtyards. Plus there’s a giant willow tree which is always a major bonus!

 I’m sure I’ll be coming back to add more locations to this in the future. What are your favorites in Central PA? Let me know below in the comments!