Samantha and Markus’ Wedding at Eden Resort

Samantha and Markus’ Wedding at Eden Resort

Not only are Sam and Markus adorable together, they’re also totally my people. Sam is so kind, creative, and down for anything! And Markus is hilarious and kept me laughing all day! Their wedding was the perfect warm summer day and their details at the Eden were PERFECT! Their style and decor enhanced the natural light and twinkly beauty of the Eden ballroom perfectly!

Sam is not only a beauty and a down-to-earth hilarious person, she’s also amazingly talented! She’s the genius behind Simplistic Lettering Co. and every hand-lettered detail at her wedding was stunning! Hire her and your table cards and signage will wow your guests!

Their wedding day was amazing so it’s no surprise that their engagement is ROMANTIC MOVIE WORTHY! In Sam’s words:

Markus was scheduled to come home from the academy on Saturday morning, and after not seeing him for 2 weeks I was beyond ready to be back in his arms again! He called me when he left the academy at 8am to let me know he was on his way home, so I got out of bed and started getting my things ready. Every weekend that Markus comes home I spend the weekend at his house with his family, so I was packing my bags and making sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. A short while later, Markus called me again to see if I was leaving my house yet and to tell me that he was almost home. I {of course} wasn’t ready, because it takes me forever to get ready. {I later found out that at this point Markus was right around the corner from my house, so he drove around for a good 15 minutes waiting for me to finish breakfast}. When I was done eating breakfast I told Markus I would call him back in a few minutes because I needed to carry my bags out to my car. I got off the phone and headed out through the garage only to see Markus’ car parked in front of my house! I immediately started crying because I was so excited to see him and ran down to his car to meet him for a bear hug. In between tears I was able to muffle “I missed you so much”. After the worlds longest bear hug ever, I was starting to get col and asked if we could go inside. I started to turn away and Markus, still holding on to my hand, said “wait”. As I turned back around, Markus pulled the ring box out of his pocket and said, “I don’t want to spend another day without you”. *Cue more sobbing* and gawking at the unbelievably stunning diamond that just got placed on to my finger. The moment was perfect. Just me and my fiancé {WHAT?!?!} exactly how I wanted it to be. Now it’s four days later and I’m still gawking at this diamond on my finger {not sure that will ever stop} and I’m planning my forever with the love of my life! God is SO amazing. This life he has blessed us with is incredible and each day we grow closer together and are able to serve him even more!

I’m eternally grateful that Sam and Markus chose me to capture their wedding day! Thank you so very much and I wish you both a lifetime of bliss and love!

Venue: The Eden Resort and Suites
Photographer: Lindsey Ford Photography
Handlettering: Simplistic Lettering Co.
Makeup Artist: Emily Nicole Beauty
Hairstylist: Lisa at Salonovation
Bridesmaid’s Hair: Kirsten Headland
Dress Shop: Weddings by Paulette
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen and Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Florist: Lancaster Flower Co.
Cake Bakery: Oregon Dairy
Catering: The Eden Resort
Wedding Planner: Shelby Simione (The Eden Resort)
DJ/Entertainment Services: Bring on the Bash! (Taylor Courtney)
Invitations: Minted

Such a beauty!! Her eyes are stunning!!

Chick-fil-A should feel honored!

These girls were amazing! Loved their dusty blue dresses and their willingness to laugh it up for the camera!

Can anyone say fairytale??


Seriously, Sam is so talented!


This might be my favorite cake photo of all time!


It was so awesome to meet one of my future brides, Amy, in person! Can’t wait for their wedding!