Why am I a wedding photographer?

I’m not gonna lie, nailing a beautiful sun-soaked portrait of you two snuggled up in a wildflower field or an epic macro ring shot feels AH-MAZING. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of why I truly love being a photographer.

I grew up with a camera constantly in my face. My parents adopted me as a newborn in their late thirties and wanted to make darn sure that every moment of my growing up was immortalized in print, usually ordered in duplicate. (Thanks for that, Mom, now I have billions of photos to store in my house.) My mother was the gifted one with photography, meaning that most photos were of me by myself or me and my dad. Photos of her and I from my younger years are rare, so I treasure the heck out of them.

Oh the ’80s… Men got perms and women wore shirts that looked like a bad tabletop from Chuck E. Cheese. 🙂

My parents were high school sweethearts and found themselves in a time crunch when my dad was drafted to serve in the army in Vietnam in their senior year of high school. They quickly married between basic training and deployment and had no time to plan a wedding or reception and had to make do with a quick trip to the justice of the peace. For that reason, my parents didn’t have any wedding photos or many photos at all from that stage of their life. They jokingly took one of those old-timey dress up photos in Victorian wedding wear that I thought was their wedding photo when I was little. I would absolutely love to have photos to treasure that captured them at the beginning of their long and happy marriage that eventually lead to them to becoming my awesomely weird parents.

When I was 13, my true love and appreciation for photography were realized when my dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack. The photos we had of him became more valuable than anything on this planet. We plastered every flat surface of the house with picture frames filled with our favorite moments from vacations, fishing trips, and everything in between. I didn’t need to rely on my faulty human memory to recall his hilarious grin after he made an off-color joke or the pride in his face when I caught my first fish. Photographs enable me to remember my dad as he truly was and give me comfort when I find it too hard to deal with the fact that he’s not here anymore.

I will never not think of my dad when I capture your father’s face as he sees you as a bride for the first time or holds you close on the dance floor and still thinks of you as his little girl. And when your mom’s hands shake as she does up the back of your dress because she can’t believe her daughter is about to become a wife, I think of how my mother loves me and sacrificed so much to give us the perfect wedding.

When I capture the two of you looking oh so in love, I do it not only for your pretty instagram feed, but for future generations in your families and for your older selves whose memories aren’t as clear as they used to be. I want you to be able to recall how happy and gorgeous you were that day when life’s many obstacles get in the way and you’re stuck in a rut. Or when you’re old and gray, you can show your grandkids how hot you two were back in the day. ?

When I say this is the best job ever, I truly mean it. Thank you to all of the amazing couples and families who trust me with recording their most important memories.