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I’m living my best life as a full-time wedding photographer based in central PA. In my free time, I’m usually cuddled up with my husband Mike and our three fluffy kitties watching TV, TikTok, or reading a smutty romance novel. Sometimes all three at once.

If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I can't get enough of karaoke nights or the Harrys - Styles and Potter. And I'm a Ren Faire junkie who dreams of one day wielding a real sword. 

I was so jazzed about being a graphic designer. It was a great job for someone who equally loves art and science. And naturally, I had a decent camera for product photos and the occasional headshot. So when my friend asked me to shoot her wedding as a favor, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous but knew I could do enough internet sleuthing to at least not screw it up royally.

At the end of her wedding day, I’ll never forget looking up from my laptop while the photos were uploading and feeling this almost cosmic shift in my soul. I thought it’d be fun to shoot a wedding but I literally felt high with how much I enjoyed it. Every sunlit portrait and happy moment with family and friends that I managed to capture felt like a bolt of lightning in my brain. I was officially hooked.

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I think this comes from my past as a graphic designer but I genuinely get so jazzed laying out vignettes of your wedding day details so your memories are not only preserved but are also ✨art✨. You carefully chose each of these items, they deserve a time to shine!

detail flat lays

Some people collect fancy watches or handbags, my vice is fragrance. If you need help choosing one for your wedding day, I have a plethora of suggestions. And if you want to know the best places to spray to create a scent memory on your wedding day, I'll gladly help you.



I love the UK so, so much. I grew up with Mr. Bean and James Bond and then discovered Monty Python and of course Harry Potter in my teens. I watch pretty much every British TV show so if you’ve ever seen the IT Crowd, Peep Show, the Inbetweeners, Catastrophe, Fleabag, Game of Thrones, or Outlander (good lord I need to stop now), we’re going to become best friends.

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Pet parents, when you say they're your fur children and want them to be part of your engagement or wedding, trust me, I'm totally here for it! I love my three little fluffy goblins so much, it's probably unhealthy. And we accidentally pulled a Kardashian with naming them Ruby, Remy and Radar. No regrets.



I married my junior high (yes you read that right) sweetheart, Mike. We’ve been together since 1999 – which is bananas – but he’s just the chillest, smartest person I know. And he’s the best cat dad on the entire planet.

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I'm a 6 which honestly fits me so well it's scary. (Sixes crave and create stability which comes in handy at weddings) I've taken many a personality test in my day but never have I come across one this accurate. Find out your number and let me know if they nailed it!



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