If you skip this post, you’re missing out on the cutest little pup! Nicole and Marc brought their adorable tiny little dog Wrigley to their engagement sesh last summer and made my entire year. They chose the GORGEOUS Saucon Valley Country Club, which I’d never been to before and was blown away by how beautiful everything was! We had the most perfect summer night strolling around the grounds. I can’t wait for their wedding next week at Folino Estate!

I actually felt energized at the end of Kim and Jim's wedding day because they're so laid back and fun to hang out with! They had a gorgeous sunny spring day and the most immaculately followed timeline in the history of weddings. YESSS! Kim is the perfect combination of organized and easy-going. I'm a lucky photographer, guys! AND she hired the amazing team from Your Sweetest Day Events who made everything super smooth for Hillary and I all day!

Featuring Your Sweetest Day Events

I recently spent a super fun evening photographing the lovely women of Your Sweetest Day Events, a Pennsylvania-based wedding planning and design company. Me being me, I had a bajillion questions for them about wedding planning and I wanted to share their wisdom and knowledge with the world. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking - I don’t have it in the budget to hire a planner. But friends - here’s the tea, as they say on the interwebs.

TIME/KNOWLEDGE. IS. MONEY. Those Pinterest photos you love? I’ll bet my first-born cat that a planner was behind it all!

Meeting Courtney was like finding my long lost best friend that I’d never met. We bonded instantly over coffee at Starbucks and ended up chatting for 3 hours. While we were talking about wedding plans, she mentioned that she and Tony would be honeymooning in Ireland immediately after the wedding. And the crazy thing is, my hubby and I were also planning a trip to Ireland at the exact same time for our 10 year wedding anniversary! SERENDIPITY, ya’ll! We immediately made plans to meet up and spend the day exploring and HOLY CROW it was amazing! Mother nature decided to gift us with gorgeous moody fog aaaaand 60 mph winds. Poor Courtney turned into a wind sail in her dress!

“Darcey knew Andrew was someone special when she saw him with her dog, Ruger. Andrew instantly fell in love with Ruger and that just made Darcey swoon. She knew if Ruger loved him, he must be a keeper! Andrew knew Darcey was someone special one random night while grocery shopping. Andrew realized as Darcey was picking out frozen pizza that he loved her! He knew there was no one else that he'd want to do the mundane everyday things with.”

I know I always harp on this, but marrying someone you like is so important. Like Andrew said, it makes picking out frozen pizza fun!