Every single vendor was obsessed with Lauren and Sam. They are the sweetest, funniest, most down to earth humans and they made everyone's jobs an absolute joy the whole day at their Cameron Estate Inn wedding! And hello - they look like the cover of a romance novel and they're high school sweethearts. Cue the swooning, am I right?

These two lovebirds currently live in Denver (I'm not jealous or anything) but are originally from this area so it makes complete sense why they chose Liberty Mountain Resort as their venue. It's the closest venue Central PA has to the mountains of Colorado and I love it there! We were lucky enough to have a slight breeze which fluttered her gorgeous navy dress and amazing curls in the *best* way. And the way they look at each other - like come on! Can't wait for their big day in November! The trees are gonna be LIT!

Remember when you would meet someone on the playground in elementary school and you have so many things in common that you're like "You're my best friend now!" That's how I felt after first meeting Courtney for coffee. We bonded instantly over our love of the Renaissance Faire, cats, Harry Potter, whimsy, Ireland - and the list goes on! And then I got to meet Tony at their engagement and felt the same way. These two are the bee's freakin knees and I feel like the universe gave me a gift when it sent them my way!

If you skip this post, you’re missing out on the cutest little pup! Nicole and Marc brought their adorable tiny little dog Wrigley to their engagement sesh last summer and made my entire year. They chose the GORGEOUS Saucon Valley Country Club, which I’d never been to before and was blown away by how beautiful everything was! We had the most perfect summer night strolling around the grounds. I can’t wait for their wedding next week at Folino Estate!

I actually felt energized at the end of Kim and Jim's wedding day because they're so laid back and fun to hang out with! They had a gorgeous sunny spring day and the most immaculately followed timeline in the history of weddings. YESSS! Kim is the perfect combination of organized and easy-going. I'm a lucky photographer, guys! AND she hired the amazing team from Your Sweetest Day Events who made everything super smooth for Hillary and I all day!

Featuring Your Sweetest Day Events

I recently spent a super fun evening photographing the lovely women of Your Sweetest Day Events, a Pennsylvania-based wedding planning and design company. Me being me, I had a bajillion questions for them about wedding planning and I wanted to share their wisdom and knowledge with the world. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking - I don’t have it in the budget to hire a planner. But friends - here’s the tea, as they say on the interwebs.

TIME/KNOWLEDGE. IS. MONEY. Those Pinterest photos you love? I’ll bet my first-born cat that a planner was behind it all!