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"Best, most rockin’ lady in the whole entire world!"


"It wasn’t just us that felt Lindsey was amazing. All of our guests loved her and kept saying how awesome our photographer was. That made us feel great because Lindsey not only cared about making us comfortable, but our family and guests as well. We love you Lindsey! Thank you for making our day special and capturing the most beautiful moments."

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Fill out my contact form and if your date is free, we’ll hop on a call so I can ask all about what you have planned so far and what is most important to you. I'll send you customized quotes based on the coverage we talked about and you can book everything easily online. Your contract, deposit, and payments are all handled in one place. Easy peasy!


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After you’re booked, you’ll receive access to my tips and tricks guide. This includes vendor recommendations, tips on choosing a getting ready space, what to gather for detail photos, timeline help, what to wear for your engagement session and lots more. If something isn’t covered on my guide that you have a question about, email me anytime. I’ve seen it all!


pre-wedding checklist

A few months prior to your wedding, you’ll receive a pre-wedding checklist from me to fill out before I create your custom photo timeline. This covers all of the information I’ll need to know before your big day such as family formal lists, your awesome vendors, etc. Once that’s complete we’ll hop on a quick 30 minute phone call to go over your timeline and all the fun little details!


tie that knot

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! I start the day crafting beautiful vignettes of your details followed by fun shots of you and your wedding party getting ready and hanging out, lots of gorgeous dreamy portraits, magazine-esque photos of your incredible reception details, and tons of dance floor shots! But at the same time, I’m not the type of photographer that takes forever with your portraits. I believe that having a great time with your guests at your wedding is #1 and pride myself on efficiency and systems that allow you to actually enjoy your day and not feel like it’s an all-day photoshoot. (Your wedding party will thank you!)


post wedding goodies

After your wedding, you’ll receive an edited preview gallery in 1-2 days!! Oh yeah you read that right! No need to make your profile pic a blurry iPhone photo the day after your wedding. (Sorry Aunt Helen, I know your iPad takes great pictures!) Your full online downloadable and shareable gallery will be available 4-5 weeks after your wedding. If you ordered an album, I’ll create the first draft of the page design 8-10 weeks after your wedding and send it over for you to review and customize.


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by the numbers

Your grandma examining your new wedding band, your parents fighting back tears watching you get ready, your besties from college absolutely killing it on the dance floor – I LIVE FOR THESE MOMENTS.

I cannot freaking wait for you to open your gallery and realize these tiny snippets of love and magic are yours to keep forever. Especially when I know you had no clue that the camera was pointed your way. 

Family Matters

What is the investment?

My packages start at $5000 for 8 hours and are customized to fit your day. We’ll talk through your venue plans, guest list, what your wedding timeline will look like, and what type of albums you’ll want. Each collection comes with a second photographer, an online high resolution gallery of your engagement and wedding images with unlimited downloads, and full printing rights for you and your family and friends.

Do you photograph LGBTQ+ weddings?

Absolutely heck yes!

Can we view a full wedding gallery?

Please do! I have lots of full engagement and wedding galleries available here so you can get an idea of what your full day will look like.


I want to take photos that celebrate people as they are and not be a part of the -thankfully dwindling- unrealistic BS cultural expectations for what we should all look like. For that reason, I will not alter anyone's bodies, tattoos, scars, etc. If it's still going to be a part of you in a week, it stays because that's what makes you YOU. I will gently airbrush out any visible acne or small cuts in close up photos so don't worry if you wake up the morning of your wedding with an unwanted guest on your face.

What is your editing style?

My editing is bright and dreamy (but not blown out) and inspired by timeless film photography. I love happy, genuine, goofy and romantic images. I shoot in natural light as long as possible to preserve the natural beauty and glow of nature and switch to my lighting equipment at night time. And you’ll get a few choice black and white images as well because they’re a classic for a reason!


I currently offer wedding, engagement, anniversary, and “just because” couples photography. At this time, I’m not taking any other types of sessions to be able to focus more on my big love – weddings.

How many photos will we receive?

I average 75-100 photos per hour of coverage or session. You’ll receive each image in color with a few specially chosen black and whites for those extra emotional moments.

Do I have printing rights?

Of course! You’ll receive a print release form from me so you and your families can print them wherever you’d like. Ordering directly from your gallery guarantees beautiful prints that are true to color and long lasting. I unfortunately can’t guarantee prints from drug stores or online print shops. (Sometimes they run low on ink and turn your skin purple or bright orange – yikes!)


After your engagement session, I’ll send you your photos in two weeks on your online gallery. For your wedding, I’ll send you a preview gallery 1-2 days after your wedding and the full gallery of photos 4-5 weeks after your big day! All images in your gallery have unlimited downloads for a year and you can choose from web size for social media or large high resolution files for printing.

Do you have insurance and backup gear?

Yes and yes! I can provide proof of insurance for your venue or other vendors if needed. I also bring backup cameras, lenses, and flashes to every wedding.

can you copy our pinterest board of ideas?

I'm totally fine with 1-3 specific ideas, but you want to make sure you hire a photographer who has shown you full galleries that you love! Each of us has our own unique style and education that we bring to each wedding and trying to copy a pinterest board that might not be in our style will only hamper creativity and turn your wedding portraits into a checklist rather than a fun, romantic time.

What should we wear to our engagement session?

I swear to you, this is the hardest part of wedding planning. But you’ll receive a “what to wear” guide when you book, and I’m always happy to help you if you’re having trouble deciding.

Do you work with a second photographer?

HECK YES. Second photographers save so much time in the beginning of the day so both of you can have getting ready photos at the same time. They capture different angles during your ceremony and portraits and can also photograph your carefully thought out reception details if your portraits are during cocktail hour.

What if you haven't shot at our venue before?

It’d be pretty boring if I shot at the same venues every weekend! I shoot at new venues all the time, it’s never a problem. The same venue can look totally different from one day to the next depending on the light and the weather. I can find good light and locations anywhere, rest assured! And if it’s somewhere new, I’ll arrive a bit early to scout locations.

What happens if you are too sick to shoot our wedding?

I’ve thankfully never had this happen, but because I hire such awesome second photographers, they’re always ready to step in as primary at a moment’s notice. Plus I have a huge network of amazingly talented local photographers I could call on to step in as the new second photographer.

Do you travel or take destination weddings?

I’m a huge homebody so my ideal weddings are in central PA. But I’m totally willing to travel up to three hours by car. Reach out to me for details! I’m not currently taking any destination weddings because airplanes and I aren’t friends. I’ll tolerate flying for the occasional vacation, but even then I’m a hot mess.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I shot my first wedding in 2011 and started shooting weddings on the regular in 2014.

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She made us feel so comfortable, relaxed, and really added to the overall joy of the wedding day. So enthusiastic about every shot, the perfect light, and all the details. She handled the unexpected rain on our wedding day effortlessly, as if it was always part of the plan. She gets your photos back to you SO QUICKLY and they are PERFECT! We can’t recommend Lindsey enough!"

"Not only is Lindsey an AMAZING photographer, she is definitely someone you’ll want to hang out with all day on your wedding day. 

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