Goodness, there are a lot of things to learn with this job, am I right? 

Over the years, I’ve taken countless online and in person workshops, scoured YouTube and CreativeLive for tutorials, and shot all kinds of weddings in every type of venue and weather. 

I started out as a graphic designer so I absolutely LOVE website critiques. Your website not only shows your portfolio but also lets your potential clients get to know you as a person and what their experience will be like with you on their wedding day. In addition to one-on-one photography video chats, I also offer one hour website reviews that help you book clients you totally vibe with.

Mentorship Topics

We’ll talk through whatever your pain points are, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • giving stellar customer service
  • your shooting style and how to find great light
  • keeping yourself organized on a wedding day
  • posing
  • portfolio review
  • lightroom and editing
  • pricing and contracts
  • your online presence
  • and more!

Let's Do This!

Mentorship Options



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