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I'm big on the fairytale without the fuss. You’re going to get those glowy, romantic photos you’ve always dreamed about, and most importantly – you’ll actually have fun!

I’m all about helping real people create magic together – no magic wand required.



Featuring Your Sweetest Day Events

I recently spent a super fun evening photographing the lovely women of Your Sweetest Day Events, a Pennsylvania-based wedding planning and design company. Me being me, I had a bajillion questions for them about wedding planning and I wanted to share their wisdom and knowledge with the world. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking – I don’t have it in the budget to hire a planner. But friends – here’s the tea, as they say on the interwebs.


Those Pinterest photos you love? I’ll bet my first-born cat that a planner was behind it all!

The amount of hours, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into finding the right vendors, figuring out your design style, and keeping everyone on track and happy on the wedding day is astronomical. This is the biggest day of your life and it is so, so worth it to hire professionals to make sure the lead up to the big day is stress-free and the day-of is nothing but a partay!

But enough from me – let Danielle and her team at Your Sweetest Day Events tell you all about the stress relieving and dream creating they can do for your wedding:

1. Hiring a planner = Too blessed to be stressed

We try to tell our clients that our role as your wedding planner is first and foremost to be your personal guide to the planning process. We want to walk with you in order to equip you with the tools and steps that will help you approach your wedding planning process strategically. Sometimes it is assumed wedding planners try to take over and tell couples what to do but our approach is grounded in recommendation, resource providing, and guidance giving. We want to be your sounding board. We want to take your ideas and help you execute them. We want to make sure every detail to accounted for – all by working closely with you from start to finish.

Here are the three main ways we reduce stress on a wedding day:

  1. We are there to ensure all the details we’ve worked on together are covered and executed so you can enjoy and be present for every moment of your day!
  2. We handle any of the hiccups that take place behind the scenes in order to make sure you have the best day of your life
  3. We work collaboratively with your vendor team to orchestrate a beautiful experience from start to finish for both you, your families, your bridal party, and your guests.

2. They know what you need before you do

Consider hiring a planner as one of your first vendors on your wedding team. A wedding planner can help you walk through the process strategically so that you are considering all the important details early and often. Our goal is to help you anticipate all your planning needs in the months ahead and to equip you with tasks/decisions that naturally progress so that you are ready for whats next and can relax in the days before your wedding.

Think of your planner as the glue that is holding your wedding puzzle together. Keep your day-of planner in the loop about any changing plans, updates, or “please-make-sure-this-happens!” as you move closer to your wedding date, and we, your planners will make sure everything, every person, every detail is where it needs to be.

3. They give great advice

Such as this from Danielle: Work to get your planning completed at least two weeks in advance of your wedding.

There may be small odds and ends to finalize but you should shoot to have big projects and most of the details finalized and complete. This one truthfully comes from personal experience – I spent the last two weeks leading up to my wedding staying up late completing all the projects at the last minute. And boy did I learn my lesson – I ended up in urgent care on my honeymoon with a double ear infection. Instead use those last two weeks to rest, eat right, and prepare for welcoming your guests (and maybe sneak in a last minute date).

4. They help you create new and unique traditions

Truthfully I am a fan of couples who are more interested in making their wedding about their love story. Working with couples to use what they are drawn to aesthetically (which sometimes includes current trends) and simultaneously infuse their wedding design with their story, is what I love to do! Its not about copying whats been previously done but rather using it as inspiration and then finding ways to make it your own. The design process is truly magical especially when you see it come to life on a wedding day – after walking through each step to bring it to life!

And lots of couples are choosing to skip “traditional” events such as the bouquet or garter toss, or only having a traditional wedding cake for dessert. Each couple can choose what works for them which makes each wedding unique!

5. Hiring a planner let’s you slow down and enjoy the moments

Your engagement season is such a short period of your life and it goes so fast. Remember to take time to go on dates, spend time not talking about wedding planning, and focusing on each other! Build these special moments into your wedding planning calendar – as in take your calendar and purposefully plan some time together.

Some of my clients even schedule wedding planning specific dates so that they don’t feel like they are always planning. A personal favorite way to schedule your engagement pictures on the same day as your makeup trial and then schedule a late night dinner/dessert/drink date to spend some time with each other! You’ll enjoy the pampering before, the connecting during the shoot, and the excitement after!

Would you like your wedding dreams to come true all while keeping your sanity intact? 

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I'm big on the fairytale without the fuss. You’re going to get those glowy, romantic photos you’ve always dreamed about, and most importantly – you’ll actually have fun!

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