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Best Tips for Planning a Small Wedding or Elopement


I'll be your wedding day fairy godmother/hype woman. Wanna know a little secret? That little nervous feeling you have about being awkward on camera? Every. Single. Couple. on here felt the exact same way at first. I promise I'll never leave you two hanging. You'll get jaw-dropping ethereal images all while having a freaking blast!


Wedding trends constantly change over the years, as does the way couples approach tying the knot. Even just a few years ago, big, all-out weddings were the in thing; however, now small micro-weddings and elopements are quickly growing in popularity. 

Whether the events of 2020 were a catalyst, we’re becoming more budget-conscious, or we simply have an increased desire for more personal experience, there is no denying that intimate weddings and elopements are on the up and up

Bride and groom hold hands and face each other during mountaintop wedding ceremony overlooking a grassy valley

A personal and more intimate wedding allows you to indulge in the finer things. With fewer people to cater to, you can really push the envelope, providing a unique opportunity for those close to you and your partner to celebrate your love in a more indulgent way.

What makes micro-weddings more appealing amongst contemporary couples is the intimate ambiance it creates, allowing you to connect on a personal level with each guest and spend quality time with them.

Over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to photograph an increasing number of small weddings and elopements. If you’re thinking of celebrating your special day on a smaller scale, these are my tips for creating the wedding day of your dreams. 


Eloping traditionally means to “get married in a sudden and secretive fashion.” However, the definition has changed a little. Eloping now means “a non-traditional, intimate, and intentional way to get married.” 

Destination Weddings

One of the most popular ways to elope is by planning a destination wedding. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape in Europe, a beachfront wedding in Hawaii, or to say ‘I do’ at the peak of a mountain in Colorado, the options are endless.

The pros of a destination wedding are that you can kill two birds with one stone when it comes to your honeymoon, the guest list can be kept to a minimum without offending your Great Aunt Claire, and you can choose a place that works for you and your partner’s vision, budget, and love story. 

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Sharing your News

While elopements are private and intimate, it doesn’t follow that you can’t share your special day with your friends, loved ones, and colleagues afterward. Postcards, photo albums, and personalized messages can be the perfect way to include your loved ones without having to opt for a bigger wedding. 

Even if you’re eloping with just the two of you, photos will be the best way to share your day with everyone you love. Engagement shoots, pre-elopement photos, and photos from your special day will make for the perfect keepsake album to cherish for years to come. 

Planning a small wedding doesn’t mean you have to forgo capturing the moment. Choosing a wedding photographer who specializes in intimate shots and couples photography can help you create wonderful photos of your elopement journey. 

Father and mother of the bride watch as bride and groom cut wedding cake in family kitchen

Intimate Weddings

Elopement isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t have to mean you need a big wedding. Intimate weddings are the perfect mix of both. You can invite your closest friends and relatives without having to invite everyone you and your partner have ever met. 


Dining table is set with blue coastal themed centerpiece and blue and white linens

When you invite fewer people to your wedding, all of the individual elements can come together more intimately. For example, when it comes to eating, rather than being separated on different tables, come together at one table with a banquet-style meal. This will help to create a friendly and intimate atmosphere where conversation can flow. 

Alternatively, with fewer guests to cater for, you have much better catering options. Choose from a multi-course culinary experience or a specialized menu with a private chef. Pair each dish with wine or a signature cocktail to make the dining experience even more special. With fewer people at your micro-wedding, you can really take time to enjoy your meal. 

Simple blue and green floral rimmed white plate sits on blue and white tablecloth flanked by silverware

Whether you opt for a vineyard, a historic mansion, or a whimsical backyard tent (Fleur and Bill style), the options for unique venues open up considerably. You and your partner can choose a venue that represents your personality, who you are as a couple, and your love for each other. 

Favors and Keepsakes for Small Weddings

Six groomsmen in gray suits hold up navy blue Yeti thermoses

Favors and keepsakes can quickly add up when you have a big wedding; however, when planning a small wedding, you can provide more luxurious favors for your loved ones to remember your day. 

Check out my list of 10 Unique Personalized Wedding Favors For Small Weddings here. This curated list presents a selection of upscale and luxurious wedding favors designed to elevate the experience of your guests. Whether it’s indulging in gourmet, infused olive oils or enjoying a bespoke fragrance from a keepsake bottle, guests are sure to cherish these tokens of appreciation long after your celebration ends. Sourced items from renowned luxury brands, boutique local artisans, and specialty producers ensure quality and exclusivity!

Elopement Wedding Photographer

Intimate weddings and elopements allow couples to focus on what really matters: their love for one another and the coming together of their lives and families. Whether you decide on an elopement on the other side of the world or an intimate ceremony at the park where you first met, these tips can help you make your day more special for everyone involved. 

If you’re planning a small and intimate wedding, I’m already jumping up and down. I have been in the wedding photography industry for over a decade, and intimate weddings and elopements are quickly becoming my favorites to photograph! Get in touch to tell me all about your dream day and how I can capture it. 


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I'll be your wedding day fairy godmother/hype woman. Wanna know a little secret? That little nervous feeling you have about being awkward on camera? Every. Single. Couple. on here felt the exact same way at first. I promise I'll never leave you two hanging. You'll get jaw-dropping ethereal images all while having a freaking blast!

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